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Información del proyecto en español: Descripción Del Proyecto

This Project is still in Alpha. You can download the source code and build it yourself. Also, contributions are welcome. Please note that most of the internal documentation and developer information is in Spanish

There's a clickOnce installer, if you want to run the Alpha. If you do, please submit bugs if you find some

Project Description
Zune to Lync Now Playing is a simple application that let you display on your Lync Personal Note, the current song playing in Zune Player.

Zune to Lync Now Playing

This simple application let you display your current Zune Song on your Lync Personal Note. It's about being a Little more social on Lync.

This Application requiere Lync 2010 (Lync 2013 not yet supported) and Lync requieres a Server or Service to perform. If you are unsure, ask your system administrator or school help.
You can see the documentation for more info and configuration tips

Technical Stuff
This application uses as the connection service with Zune, and the Lync SDK to update Personal Note. It's written in C#, WPF and .NET 4.5
if you wish to colaborate in this project, write me a email: jpcortesp at hotmail dot com

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